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Adjustable Joint
  Standard (Adjustable Joint)
  Tongue and Groove
Combination/Lineman's/Adjustable Joint
  Heavy Duty
  Special Purpose
  Talon Grip™ Slip Joint
  Diagonal Cutters (Natural Finish)
  High Leverage Diagonal
  Special Application
  Standard Diagonal
Electronic Service Pliers And Cutters (E Series)
  Cutters-E Series
  Pliers-E Series
  Standard (Lineman's)
Locking Pliers
  Locking Pliers / Soft Grip (Blue-Point®)
  Locking Pliers / Standard Grip (Blue-Point®)
  LP Series
Needle Nose/Long Reach/Special Purpose
  Long Reach
  Needle Nose
  Special Purpose
Non-Conductive Composite
  Breaker Bars
  Flat Tip Screwdrivers (Screwdriver Handle)
  Flat Tip Screwdrivers (Soft Grip Handle)
  Nut Drivers
  PHILLIPS® Tip Screwdrivers (Screwdriver Handle)
  Phillips® Tip Screwdrivers (Soft Grip Handle)
  Ratcheting Box Wrenches
  Screw Starters and Screwdriver Shanks
  Sockets, inches, 12-Point
  Sockets, mm, 12-Point
Pliers And Cutters (Blue-Point®)
  Adjustable Joint (Blue-Point®)
  Extended Reach Hose Grip (Blue-Point®)
  Extra Long Reach (Blue-Point®)
  Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters (Blue-Point®)
  Long Reach (Blue-Point®)
  Long Reach Compound Joint (Blue-Point®)
  Long Reach Miniature Pliers (Blue-Point®)
  Miniature Pliers and Cutters (Blue-Point®)
  Miniature Pliers and Cutters/Vinyl Grips
  Pliers and Cutters (Blue-Point®)
  Pliers and Cutters / Vinyl Grips (Blue-Point®)
Retaining Ring
  Fixed Tip / Convertible
  Fixed Tip / Convertible (Forged)
  Interchangeable Tip
  Interchangeable Tip / Convertible
Sets / Pliers / Cutters
  Pliers and Cutter Sets
Wire Tools
  Crimpers (Blue-Point®)
  Modular Connectors
  Ratcheting Crimpers
  Strippers/Cutters/Crimpers (Blue-Point®)

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