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All Categories Pliers

Adjustable Joint
  Standard (Adjustable Joint)
  Tongue and Groove
Combination/Lineman's/Adjustable Joint
  Heavy Duty
  Special Purpose
  Talon Grip™ Slip Joint
  Diagonal Cutters (Natural Finish)
  High Leverage Diagonal
  Special Application
  Standard Diagonal
Electronic Service Pliers And Cutters (E Series)
  Electronic Service Cutters
  Electronic Service Pliers
  Standard (Lineman's)
Locking Pliers
  Locking Pliers / Soft Grip (Blue-Point®)
  Locking Pliers / Standard Grip (Blue-Point®)
  LP Series
Needle Nose/Long Reach/Special Purpose
  Long Reach
  Needle Nose
  Special Purpose
Pliers And Cutters (Blue-Point®)
  Adjustable Joint (Blue-Point®)
  Extended Reach Hose Grip (Blue-Point®)
  Extra Long Reach (Blue-Point®)
  Heavy Duty Bolt Cutters (Blue-Point®)
  Long Reach (Blue-Point®)
  Long Reach Compound Joint (Blue-Point®)
  Long Reach Miniature Pliers (Blue-Point®)
  Miniature Pliers and Cutters (Blue-Point®)
  Miniature Pliers and Cutters / Vinyl Grips (Blue-Point®)
  Pliers and Cutters (Blue-Point®)
  Pliers and Cutters / Vinyl Grips (Blue-Point®)
Retaining Ring
  Fixed Tip / Convertible
  Fixed Tip / Convertible (Forged)
  Interchangeable Tip
  Interchangeable Tip / Convertible
Sets / Pliers / Cutters
  Pliers and Cutter Sets
Wire Tools
  Crimpers (Blue-Point®)
  Modular Connectors
  Ratcheting Crimpers
  Strippers/Cutters/Crimpers (Blue-Point®)

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