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Catalog Index Wrenches Wrenches Flank Drive® Combination Flank Drive® Combination Standard Handle, inches Standard Handle, inches

OEX709B, Set, Wrench, Combination, 12-Point (9 pcs. In tray) (3/8" to 7/8")
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OEX709B, Set, Wrench, Combination, 12-Point (9 pcs. In tray) (3/8 Email a Friend
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OEX709B, Set, Wrench, Combination, 12-Point (9 pcs. In tray) (3/8 Printable Page
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Set, Wrench, Combination, 12-Point (9 pcs. In tray) (3/8" to 7/8")

Item Qty Price**
Set, Wrench, Combination, 12-Point (9 pcs. In tray) (3/8" to 7/8")

Stock#: OEX709B

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OEX12B thru OEX28B (9 pcs) (3/8" to 7/8') in storage tray.

Product Specifications
Stock # OEX709B
Name Set, Wrench, Combination, 12-Point (9 pcs. In tray) (3/8" to 7/8")
Price** $313.30    
Brand Snap-on
Country Of Origin USA
Description Combination Wrench Set, 12-Point (9pc)
ASME® B107.100
This Set Contains the Following Items
OEX12B,Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 3/8 Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 3/8", 12-Point

Stock #:OEX12B

OEX16B,Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 1/2 Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 1/2", 12-Point

Stock #:OEX16B

OEX28B,Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 7/8 Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 7/8", 12-Point

Stock #:OEX28B

OEX18B,Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 9/16 Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 9/16", 12-Point

Stock #:OEX18B

OEX20B,Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 5/8 Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 5/8", 12-Point

Stock #:OEX20B

OEX22B,Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 11/16 Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 11/16", 12-Point

Stock #:OEX22B

OEX24B,Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 3/4 Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 3/4", 12-Point

Stock #:OEX24B

OEX14B,Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 7/16 Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 7/16", 12-Point

Stock #:OEX14B

OEX26B,Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 13/16 Wrench, Combination, Standard Length, 13/16", 12-Point

Stock #:OEX26B

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Stock NO:9100GSM


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