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Parts Table of Contents Wheel Balancers / Tire Changers Tire Changers EEWH326A - Two Speed Tilt Back Tire Changer

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Tire Changer, Tilt Back, 2-speed

Stock#: EEWH326A

•Tilt-Back design speeds set up and allows for a 15" tire and rim clearance
•Two-Speed turntable offers a forward speed of 14 RPM to provide faster throughput when mounting initial bead and 7 RPM for precise speed control
•Integrated laser guided mount/dismount head precisely locates the edge of the wheel minimizing damage
•Three position bead breaker covers multiple applications such as SUV's and light trucks that have taller sidewalls
•Pneumatic Bead Assist aids user when mounting low-profile tires with stiff sidewalls
•Bead seating jets are integrated into clamping jaws and force additional air into tire during inflation
•Plastic protection on mount/dismount head and clamping jaws prevents accidental rim damage
•Surge tank delivers additional air during the bead seating process
•Air lubricator and regulator supports corrosion protection for rust-proof air cylinders and valves
•High-torque 1HP turntable motor minimizes turntable stalling
•Dual clamping cylinders provide even clamping force on jaws to reduce wheel slippage
•Bead Depressor pushes tire sidewall into the drop center and follows the tire as the turntable rotates for easier mounting
•Top Roller allows user to lubricate top bead prior to dismounting tire and helps keep the bead in drop center
•Wheel Depressor applies downward pressure during initial clamping
•Power Lifting Disc lifts tire off the lower bead of rim to aid user during the dismount process.
•Technical Support: 800-225-5786

Standard Consumables:
• 8-03229A Paste Bucket
• 5-14126A Paste Brush
• EAA0247G02A Tire Lever
• EAA0247G15A Protective Inserts for Mounting Head (10 each)
• EAC0087G48A Jaw Protector Insert (1 each)
• EAA0332G91A +4" Clamping Adaptors (4 each)
• EAA0304G80A +4" Offset Mount/Dismount Head
• EAA0329G99A Inflation Hose Assembly

Optional Accessories:
• EAA0304G32A Light Truck Adaptors (4 each)
• EAA0329G53A +8" Motorcycle/ATV Adaptors (4 each)
• EAA0247G20A Composite Mount/Dismount Head
• EAA0247G14A Motorcycle Bead Breaker Blade
• EAA0332G32A Tapered Roller for PBA
• EAA0304G51A Roller Board
• EAA0304G72A Safety Restraint Arm
• EAA0304G15A Protective Cover for Bead Breaker
• EAA0247G04A Protective Cover for EAA0247G02A
• ST4027645 Clamping Jaw Protectors (Set of 4)

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Key * Part No. Units Req'd Description Price per Unit Checkout
- EAA0332G32A 1 Roller, Tapered, Bead Assist, Pneumatic $149.00
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- EAA0304G32A 1 Adaptors, Light Truck, 4 each (EEWH326A) $625.00
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- ST4029337 1 Head, Mount/Dismount, Motorcycle $230.00
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- EAA0304G50A 1 Blade, Bead Breaker, Off Road $78.75
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- 8-03229A 1 Bucket, Paste $22.40
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- EAA0304G37A 1 Head, Mount/Demount, Plastic $219.00
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- EAA0332G30A 1 Roller, Bead, PBA $169.00
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- ST4025966 1 Roller, Bead Depressing $114.00
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- EAA0247G04A 1 Protective Sleeves, Tire Mounting Bar $25.75
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- EAA0328G91A 1 Adaptors, Clamping, +4" (4 ea) $317.00
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- EAA0329G27A 1 Apaptor, Mounting, Quick Change $80.00
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- EAA0329G74A 1 Pad, Bead Breaker, Slip-on, Motorcycle $127.00
Add To Cart
- EAA0331G91A 1 +4" Adaptors (4 each, use with EAA0304G80A) $451.00
Add To Cart
- EAA0247G02A 1 Bar, Tire Mounting $50.25
Add To Cart
- EAA0304G14A 1 Tire Tool, Wave $133.00
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- EAA0329G53A 1 Adaptors, Motorcycle/ATV, 8-24" (4 ea) $780.00
Add To Cart
- ST4027645 1 Jaw Protectors, Medium Length (4 ea) $45.75
Add To Cart
- EAA0329G34B 1 - $1,660.00
Add To Cart
- EAA0304G97A 1 Bead Roller Locator Pin $68.50
Add To Cart
- EAA0247G14A 1 Extension, Bead Breaker, Motorcycle $96.75
Add To Cart
- EAA0304G72A 1 Arm, Safety Restraint (EEWH326A) $2,480.00
Add To Cart
- EAA0247G70A 1 Clamp, Bead Holding $123.00
Add To Cart
- EAA0304G15A 1 Cover, Protective, Bead Breaker $24.00
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- EAA0304G51A 1 Board, Roller $550.00
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- EAA0304G80A 1 Head, Mount/Dismount, +4" $495.10
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- EAA0247G20A 1 Tool, Mount/De-Mount, Plastic $86.50
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- 5-14126A 1 Brush, Paste $18.65
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- EAA0304G52A 1 Plastic Rim Protector, Clip-on Type $31.00
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* Parts not listed are no longer available.

Product Specifications
Stock # EEWH326A
Name Tire Changer, Tilt Back, 2-speed
Description Tilt Back Tire Changer
+4 Adaptors XX
Air Requirements (psi) 140–170 psi @ 8.5 cfm
Bead Breaking Force (lbs. @ 150 psi) 3300
Overall Height x Width x Depth (in) 69 x 41 x 55
Pneumatic Bead Assist Standard
Inside Clamping Range (in) 12–24
Net Weight, lbs. (kg) 766 (347)
Outside Clamping Range (in) 10–28
Rim Width (max, in) 15
Safety Restraint Arm XX
Shipping Weight, lbs. (kg) 854 (387)
Tire Diameter (max, in) 40
Tire Width (max, in) 15
Turntable Speed, RPM 7+14CW/7CCW
Type Two-Speed Tilt Back
Voltage Requirements 230V, 60Hz, 1 phase, 12A
Warranty 2 Years
Bead Breaker Positions Three
Bead Breaker Opening Range, inches 3.5 – 15.5
Turntable Operation Dual Speed w/Reverse
Turntable Torque, ft. lb.: 885
Bead Breaker Range Pos. #1, inches 3.5 to 13.0
Bead Breaker Range Pos. #2, inches 4.0 to 14.5
Bead Breaker Range Pos. #3, inches 4.5 to 15.5

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