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Key Adaptor, OBD-II
Stock #: EAA0355L46C  
For US Domestic and Asian vehicle applications. Ac... Learn More
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Adaptor, DL-16 Key, European Vehicles
Stock #: EAA0355L68A  
Replacement adaptor for European vehicle applicati... Learn More
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Key Set, Domestic/Asian
Stock #: EAK0253B01J  
OBD-II personality keys. Complete replacement set ... Learn More
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Kit, European Vehicle Adaptors and Keys
Stock #: EAK0267B01H  
Complete set of adaptors and personality keys for ... Learn More
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Adaptor, AC Power
Stock #: EAK0276B02A  
Quick charges SOLUS PRO and Vantage PRO battery pa... Learn More
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Set, Adaptor, OBD-1 Domestic/Asian Vehicle
Stock #: EAK0288B04B  
•OBD-1 adapter set for pre-1996 domestic and ... Learn More
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Power Cable, Battery
Stock #: EAX0066L04B  
Requires lighter power cable.... Learn More
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Power Cable, Lighter
Stock #: EAX0066L10B  
12-volt lighter power cable for ETHOS®.... Learn More
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Cable, Data 6' Extension
Stock #: EAX0066L30A  
6' extension cable can be added to an existin... Learn More
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Data Cable, Replacement
Stock #: EAX0066L50A  
For connection between scan tool and vehicle adapt... Learn More
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Kit, Adaptors/Cables/Activation, European Vehicle, VERUS® PRO
Stock #: EESP327EUA  
• Comprehensive OEM specific coverage for ser... Learn More
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Pickup, Inductive RPM
Stock #: EETA300A  
Ideal for reading engine rpm on conventional and D... Learn More
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Lead, Secondary Coil Adaptor
Stock #: EETA309A05A  
Connects to the optional secondary adaptors to dis... Learn More
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Pick-up, Inductive RPM
Stock #: EETM303A05A  
Connects to the DB9F connector (AUX). Use to trigg... Learn More
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Adaptor, Secondary Ignition Clip On Wire
Stock #: EETM306A02  
Connects the optional Secondary Coil Adaptor Lead ... Learn More
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Data Cable, Extension, OBDII
Stock #: MT2500301  
This short extension cable moves the weight of the... Learn More
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Adaptor, Controller Area Network (CAN)
Stock #: MT250087  
The CAN1B adaptor provides CAN protocol support on... Learn More
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