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Catalog Index Battery Charging And Testing Battery System Testers D-TAC™ Elite Battery System Diagnostic Tester/Charger/Engine Starter
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Storage Case, Soft, EECS304C
Stock #: EECS304C-1  
Soft sided carrying case for EECS304C MicroVAT... Learn More
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Diagnostic Tester and Charger, Battery System, D-TAC™ Elite
Stock #: EECS306C  
EECS306C D-TAC™ ELITE includes EECS304C Micro... Learn More
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Amp Clamp, Dual Range (Hi/Lo)
Stock #: EECS306C-2  
• High (0-700 A); Low (0- 70 A)... Learn More
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Test Cables, Cable Voltage Drop
Stock #: EECS306C-3  
• Cable voltage drop test cables for EECS306C... Learn More
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Probe Set, Digital Multimeter
Stock #: EECS306C-4  
• Digital multimeter probe set for EECS306C D... Learn More
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Test Cables, Battery, 10 feet
Stock #: EECS306C-5  
• Battery test cables for EECS306C D-TAC Elit... Learn More
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Adaptors, Post
Stock #: EECS306C-6  
• Included with D-TAC Elite... Learn More
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Dongle, IR, w/Installation CD Template
Stock #: EECS306C-7  
• IR dongle with installation CD template for... Learn More
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Protective Cover
Stock #: EECS306C-CVR  
 Learn More
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Roll, Printer Paper
Stock #: EECS500-1  
Replacement roll of printer paper for EECS500 Batt... Learn More
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Roll, Replacement Paper
Stock #: HHGA-18  
4-pack of replacement paper rolls for HHGA-5 Infra... Learn More
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DVD, Instructional, EECS306C
Stock #: SS3242  
•Instructional DVD for EECS306C D-TAC™ E... Learn More
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