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MODIS 4.2 bundle
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With the MODIS system you have complete diagnostics in your hands Instrumentation with Information! No product provides as much value....period.

MODIS - Built with Technicians in mind.

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MODIS System Accessories

Technical/Application Info.
Phone, N. America 1(800)424-7226
Phone, US Only 1(800)332-2526
Service & Repairs 1(800)370-5290

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MODIS Software Bundle 4.2
Breakthrough Features and Expanded Coverage

2004 Global OBD Provides Nine OBD-II Modes and CAN Vehicle Support*
*Vehicles with the CAN protocol to the diagnostic connector require the optional CAN Adapter

2003 Enhanced Coverage for GM, Ford and Chrysler
2003 BMW Vehicle Communication Software*
*Requires Optional MODIS™ European Software Kit
2002 Fast-Track® Component Test Upgrade
Enhanced Anti-Lock Brake Fast-Track® Troubleshooter
New Hardware Takes Scan Tool to a New Level
All Capabilities from Bundles 4.1, 3.2 and 2.0
  • Establishes communication with the appropriate vehicle protocol automatically
  • Displays active communication protocol information
  • Tests system readiness status
  • Mode 1: graphs or displays current data
  • Mode 2: retrieves freeze frame data
  • Mode 3: monitors diagnostic trouble codes
  • Mode 4: clears emissions related data
  • Monitors test parameters and results, which include:
    • Mode 5: oxygen sensor monitoring
    • Mode 6: non-continuously monitored systems
    • Mode 7: diagnostic trouble codes detected during last drive
  • Mode 9: displays important vehicle information
  • Streamlined vehicle identification process
  • Improved depth of data parameter coverage
  • Increased number of functional tests
  • Enhanced coverage of GM badged imports
    • Pontiac Vibe
    • Chevrolet Prizm
  • Includes new vehicle coverage:
    • Chevrolet SSR
    • Hummer H1
    • Hummer H2
    • Workhorse
  • Covers all 2002–2003 front and side airbags
  • Includes new ABS coverage:
    • 2002–2003 Dodge Ram Van
    • 2002–2003 Dodge Ram Truck
    • 2002–2003 Dodge Dakota
    • 2002–2003 Dodge Durango
  • Contains 16 new 2003 engine systems
  • Adds 2003 Jeep Wrangler transmission system
  • Enhanced coverage for Chrysler badged Imports:
    • Chrysler Sebring Coupe
    • Dodge Stratus Coupe
  • Hybrid Instrument Cluster (HEC) support for F-series trucks and applicable passenger models
  • Instrument Cluster Module (ICM) support for applicable passenger models
  • Includes new model coverage:
    • 2002–2003 Thunderbird Roadster 3.9L
    • 2002 Lincoln Blackwood 5.4L
    • 2003 Mercury Marauder 5.4L
    • 2003 Mustang Mach 1 4.6L 4V
    • 2003 Mustang Cobra 4.6L 4V SC
    • 2003 Lincoln Aviator 4.6L 4V
  • Additional system features:
    • Freeze frame in proprietary codes menu
    • Pending DTC’s in proprietary codes menu
    • ABS traction control option
    • OBD-II monitor status available in proprietary codes menu
  • New 7-series ME 9 support
  • Additional transmission, instrument panel, and climate control systems
  • Enhanced coverage for all model years
  • Diesel component tests for 6.5L and 6.6L GM Duramax engines
  • GM transfer case tests for ‘96–’02 4WD and AWD vehicles
  • Transmission pan ID charts for GM transmissions
  • New transmission coverage including:
    • GM AF33-5 ð» GM VT25-E
    • Ford 5R55W ð» Ford 5R55S
  • Chrysler and Jeep clutch apply charts for most transmissions
  • Multi-plex data network testing information for Volvo
  • Enhanced electronic throttle control tests
  • New charging system tests section
  • Over 50 entirely new systems and models covered for US Domestic and Asian Imports
  • Thousands of anti-lock brake, traction control and related solutions from the experts
  • Upgraded scan tool hardware with user’s guide
  • All capabilities previously included in bundles 4.1, 3.2 and 2.0
  • Master storage CompactFlash with software
  • K13a and K16 Personality Keys
  • Fast-Track® Troubleshooter reference manual on CD
Upgraded Scan Tool Hardware
The latest scan tool hardware enables Snap-on to deliver greater depth of parameter data, functional tests and code cover-age sooner. The most advanced on-board diagnostic hardware and software take MODIS™ to an even higher level!

VIN-Specific 1980–2003 Scan Tool Coverage
Hundreds of entirely new models and systems provide enhanced communication with even more of the vehicles in your service bay. More new vehicle coverage than any other update let’s you repair more vehicles.

Controller Area Network (CAN) Protocols
The growing sophistication of electronically controlled systems requires higher speed communications between components; CAN technology provides the necessary resolution. The three CAN protocols required on all 2008 vehicles are on MODISTM today.

Advanced Mode 6 Testing
Reports on-board test results for non-continuously monitored systems, including module identification, test result, value and min/max limits. OBD system tests provide valuable informa-tion to help determine faults!

Multiple Secondary Ignition
5ms views include parade raster and superimposed to display cylinder firings in series or by stacking the firings on the dis-play. Automatic trigger anchors cylinder patterns to provide a clear analysis.

ABS Fast-Track® Troubleshooter
The troubleshooter code and symptom tips provide the step-by-step instructions and should be a primary source when repairing today’s vehicles. Real world experiences fix problems fast!

A Whole New Category of System Tests
Charging system information for domestic vehicles contains specific operating theory, loca-tions, connectors and system tests; generic tests are provided for import makes. The latest Snap-on feature captures data under your conditions.

Component Tests Help Diagnose Transmissions
Troubleshooting transmissions is simplified with solenoid, sen-sor and pressure tests, with even more tests and transmissions now covered. Replacing the transmission is a difficult decision. Fast-Track® component tests
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