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MT2400  Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter
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Vantage Screen Shots
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Control Module Locator gives you the location of the ECM, PCM, etc Vehicle specific current ramping tests have instructions for current probe hook up O2 sensor rise time test guides you through the procedure for setting up and testing an O2 sensor No Trig message was displayed, using the new manual trigger
Snap-on Vantage Multimeter Reading and Help Screen Snap-on Vantage Split Screen Viewing CMP and CKP Snap-on Vantage Connector  Screen Snap-on Vantage Systems Menu
Snap-on Vantage finds MAF Glitch Snap-on Vantage Current Graphing Snap-on Vantage Fuel Pressure Graphing  

Complete the Solution:
  With optional accessories, you can extend your Vantage to meet your needs such as secondary ignition test capabilities, (including Coil-on-Plug systems), digital gauge capabilities, the ability to check engine rpm, and more.
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Technical/Application Info.
Vantage Hotline 1(888)249-0498
Phone, N. America 1(800)424-7226
Phone, US Only 1(800)332-2526
Service & Repairs 1(800)370-5290

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Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter
The Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter is a component-testing powerhouse that combines a graphing digital multimeter with a diagnostic database. It's like having access to a complete library of shop manuals for testing engine-management components, transmission sensors and components, and ABS systems.
Snap-on Vantage Features:
  • Includes Vantage Version 6.0 memory card. Learn More
  • Vantage has an automotive diagnostic database that covers virtually all electronic-controlled components for all domestic vehicles as well as most Asian and many European.
  • Vantage is automatically configured for vehicle and component-specific tests.
  • Vantage displays vehicle and component test-related tips including; on-screen connector drawings with pinouts and wire color information, component locator, known good waveforms, common failures and faults, updates, recalls, and descriptions of normal component operations.
  • Graph mode allows viewing of any meter reading as a histograph (over time).
  • Super sensitive glitch circuitry captures Min/Max readings down to 300 microsecond spikes.
  • Vantage features the same simple point-and-click operation as the MT2500 Scanner.
  • Vantage software is fully updateable, protection against obsolescence.
  • Vantage is capable of storing up to five single screens or two dual screens. In addition to screen storage, each screen in a movie review can be printed or downloaded to Snap-Link.
Snap-on Vantage Diagnostic Database:
The Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter gives onscreen information for sensor, actuator, and control signal testing that is specific to the vehicle manufacturer and system. Depending upon the component selected, the test information includes:
  • A description of normal component operation
  • Component test-related tips, such as, common failures or faults, updates and recalls, and uncommon difficulties when testing or replacing the selected component..
  • On-screen diagrams of the component connector with pinouts, wire color information, and location.
  • A list of component-specific tests. For example, crankshaft position sensor tests may include a frequency test, an AC voltage test, a resistance test, an out-of-range test, and also a signature test. Signature tests allow you to compare the wave form signature of the component you are testing to a known-good waveform signature from the Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter database. The Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter has an extensive database of know-good waveforms.
  • With Vantage, tests are listed in the order that they are most commonly used and when you select a test, the Vantage automatically sets up the multimeter and displays test-specific information for the selected component. Vantage also has an on-screen Component Locator to help you by indicating the best test location and gives you special notes needed to locate and test components.
Snap-on Vantage Test Connections and Capabilities:
The Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter has connections for four measurement channels and a serial printer. Two of the measurement channels are accessible through a single 9-pin mini-DIN connector for transducer connection. Transducer power is supplied by the Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter.
Depending upon the selected channel, the Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter can read;
  • DC voltage
  • AC voltage
  • DC current
  • Frequency
  • Resistance (ohms)
  • Pulse-width and duty cycle
  • Injector on time (milliseconds)
In addition, selections are available for measuring diode voltage drop and continuity. Plus, Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter is powered by two standard D-cell alkaline batteries and protected by a standard automotive fuse. Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter battery life is more than 15-times that of most lab scopes. Definitely, everything you need, when you need it.

Snap-on Vantage Additional Features:
Vantage Test Connections: The Vantage unit has connections for four measurement channels and a serial printer. Two of the measurement channels are accessible through a single 9-pin mini-DIN connector for transducer connection. Transducer power is supplied by the Vantage.
Vantage helps you become a Power User: Vantage gives you everything you need to become a component test wizard in a very short time. In addition to the component-specific online test information, Power User's Tests walk-you-through how to perform a connector wiggle test, an EGR valve position sensor test, a parasitic draw test, a thermistor test, and a TPS sweep test. The 10-Minute Electronics gives you a better understanding of electrical units of measure, duty-cycle, voltage drops, variable resistors, and potentiometers, as well as how to hookup to measure DC volts, amps, ohms, and diodes.

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