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fleet battery charger

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Snap-on Battery Chargers

User Manual PDF (170kb)

Key Specifications
DC Leads: 8' 2" (4 AWG)
Clamp Rating, Amp: 500 Amp
Continuous Rating: 80/70/45/35ADC
Cranking Assist Output: 225ADC @ 12V HI


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Charger, Fleet

Stock#: EEBC300A

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Product Specifications
Stock # EEBC300A
Name Charger, Fleet
Price** $

Fleet Battery Charger 6v, 12v , 18v, or 24 volt capable
Mega Duty Fleet Battery Charger lets you charge 6 volt, 12 volt, 18 volt,or 24 volt batteries in practically no time. That means multiple battery applications are possible on a full range of standard and specialty applications such as farm tractors, trailers or agricultural equipment. It's like having two chargers in one, there is no need to disconnect 24 Volt systems, you can charge two batteries at a time.
The EEBC300A Fleet Battery Charger provides maximum charge and crank assist and features ammeter and voltmeter functions to provide accurate results to the technician. This battery charger has a full 120 minute timer with hold feature. The charger's meters have been designed to be easy to read and are mounted on a sloped easy view panel.
Fleet Battery Charger Functional Description
The Fleet Battery Charger is a constant voltage taper rate charger. The voltage across the battery remains nearly constant while the charge current decreases or tapers as the battery approaches full charge.
Fleet Battery Charger Features:
  • Capable of continuous charge, timed charge and cranking assist.
  • Full 120-minute timer plus a hold setting.
  • Heavy duty transformer.
  • Highly reliable patented rectifiers.
  • Fan cooled for extended life.
  • 6V, 12V, 18V and 24V capability for standard as well as specialty applications including  tractor/trailer, marine, industrial  or agricultural applications.
  • Ammeter and Voltmeter for accurate charging verification.
  • Extra long leads with quality heavy-duty 500 amp clamps.
  • Non-slip textured handle.
  • UL and CSA listed (for indoor use only).
EEBC300A Fleet Battery Charger Controls:
Battery Charging Mode Switch
Selects charging mode. Standard, 6 volt and 12 volt. Fleet 18 volt and 24 volt.
Standard Voltage Range Switch
Selects volts for charge. Range settings are; 6LO, 6HI, 12LO, 12HI.
Fleet Voltage Range Switch
Selects volts for charge. Range settings are; 18LO, 18HI, 24LO, 24HI.
Displays volts, 0-30, flowing from charger into battery.
Length of Charge Timer
Selects battey charger power mode and charge duration with manual or automatic shut off functions.
OFF, electrically shuts off power to the charger, select before connecting or disconnecting power cord or any leads.
HOLD, powers charger until OFF is manually selected. Select HOLD when desired charge time exceeds 120 minutes. Charger does not turn off automatically when this function is selected.
CHARGE TIME is number of minutes the charger operates before automatic shut-off. Up to 120 minutes can be selected. Increase or decrease this time as needed by selecting a new time. The charger automatically shuts off when the charge time reaches zero.
Important Information About Safety for Users and Bystanders
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