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MicroVAT Logo
EECS304B1B Key Specifications.
Voltmeter Range: 0-50 Volts
Resolution: 0.01 Volts
Accuracy: 1% of Reading
Test Range: 100-1,500 CCA Batteries
Rating Systems: CA/CCA/DIN
Power Source: 4 AA Batteries
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 2"(203.2 x 203.2 x 50.8mm)

Product Specifications
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MicroVAT Battery, Starting, and Charging System Tester
Drawing on the experience of a strong VAT tradition, Snap-on proudly presents the MicroVAT handheld electrical system analyzer that performs automated tests in under a minute and allows the technician to diagnose a battery in under five seconds.
MicroVAT takes advantage of new Impedance/Current test technology to detect the full range of battery failure modes including bad cells, sulfation, internal shorting, and other chemical and physical failures. Testing takes less than five seconds and works on batteries discharged down to as low as one volt. This saves you valuable time by reducing lengthy charge and re-test situations.
EECS304B1B MicroVAT Features: 
  • Automated diagnostic tests, plus detailed test data for expert-level troubleshooting.
  • Automated system test of battery, alternator and starter in under a minute.
  • Detailed test data: alternator ripple, internal resistance, starter draw, state of charge, charging amps, and volts.
  • Fan-cooled 50-amp load for accurate alternator test under loaded conditions.
  • Tests discharged batteries down to one volt. 
  • Exclusive "IC" Test impedance/current test technology.
  • Diagnostic result: battery, alternator, starter.
  • Two-position memory for test data storage.
  • Easy one hand operation with easy to use button and thumbwheel controls.
  • Simple menus, prompts and button/thumbwheel controls.
  • Internally powered -- four AA cells.
  • Wireless printer option.
  • Integrated high and low amp probe options.
EECS304B1B MicroVAT Highlights:
Road Test With the MicroVAT.
With portable power, MicroVAT goes where others can't go, on the road to pinpoint the causes of starting and charging problems without having to tow the vehicle or remove components for testing. MicroVAT's automated system test produces clear, easy to read diagnostic results in less than a minute. MicroVAT convinces the customer as well as the technician by putting a diagnostic printout in hand for customer verification of diagnostic results and needed repairs.
Fits in the Hand, Yet Big Enough to Deliver the Load.
What sets MicroVAT apart is its diagnostic power. For example, MicroVAT uses its exclusive fan cooled 50-amp load and integrated amp probe to test the quantity and quality of alternator output with an alternator ripple test. It's the road to a complete diagnosis. (Many late model computer controlled charging systems virtually shut down under no load conditions.)
See Results With MicroVAT.
MicroVAT can perform a sequential system test that includes the battery, alternator and starter in under a minute; most individual tests take just a few seconds. MicroVAT is easy to use with step-by-step prompts displayed on MicroVAT's LCD and one hand, one button operation. Along with the diagnosis, MicroVAT delivers detailed test data that you can view on the MicroVAT's LCD, print to wireless printer, or save in memory for later review and analysis. What's more, data can also be downloaded to a PC and then viewed with Snap-Link. Data is always available in a convenient form that guides technicians and shows customers diagnostic results.
MicroVAT Diagnostic Tests:
Starting Test Data.
  • Average Cranking Current*
  • Maximum Cranking Current*
  • Preset Voltage
  • Preset Load Voltage
  • Avg. Cranking Voltage
  • Minimum Cranking Voltage
Battery Test Data.
  • Diagnosis
  • Actual CCA
  • % of Capacity
  • Open Circuit Voltage
  • Impedance
Alternator Test Data.
  • Diagnosis
  • Failure Mode
  • Charging at Idle
  • Charging Volts Under Load
  • Average Current at Idle*
  • Peak Current*
  • Peak to Peak Ripple at Idle
  • Peak to Peak Ripple Under Load
With optional integrated amps probe.

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