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EEPV309A Cylinder Leakage Tester
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Leakage Gauge Key Specification
Test Range :
0 - 100% leakage at 100 PSI (700 kPA) in 2 PSI (20 kPa) increments.

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Tester, Cylinder Leakage

Stock#: EEPV309A

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Product Specifications
Stock # EEPV309A
Name Tester, Cylinder Leakage
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EEPV309A Cylinder Leakage Tester
The EEPV309A Cylinder Leakage Tester gauges the amount of leakage in an engine cylinder, and can help pinpoint the source. It is best used to compare a suspect cylinder to a known good cylinder on same engine. Excellent for testing late model cars and trucks in which clearance is minimal.
Use the Cylinder Leakage Tester by itself or in conjunction with a compression gauge to determine mechanical condition of the engine's cylinders.
EEPV309A Cylinder Leakage Tester Features:
  • Designed for use on all Domestic and Import engines.
  • Input pressure gauge displays input pressure for proper cylinder leakage test setup and accurate results.
  • Cylinder leakage gauge displays leakage as a percentage of input pressure with three distinctive zones of "high", "moderate" and "low" leakage.
  • Manifold and gauges have ruggedized boots to resist underhood environment.
  • New handheld design for easier and time-saving testing.
  • Standard reach thread adapter connects to standard length spark plug threads.
  • Long reach thread adapter connects to extra long spark plug threads.
  • Comprehensive instruction manual is provided with test procedures and diagnostic guidelines.
  • Test range: 0 - 100% leakage at 100 PSI (700 kPA) in 2 PSI (20 kPa) increments.
  • 14mm standard and long length adapters included.
  • Storage case keeps all accessories organized and protects them from damage.
Important Information About Safety for Users and Bystanders

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