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EEWH302A High Performance Tire Changer

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Bid Specs  PDF (53kb)

Key Specifications
Outside Clamping Rim Diameter:
10" to 20"
Inside Clamping Rim Diameter Capacity:
12" to 22"
Rim Width Maximum:
Tire Diameter Maximum:
Bead Breaking Force:
3300 lbs. at 150 psi air supply
Side Bead Breaker Opening (std)*:
Position #1 - 13.5"
Side Bead Breaker Opening (std)*:
Position #2 - 15.75"
Air Requirements:
140 - 170 psi, 8.5 cfm at 140 psi nominal airflow volume
Safety Air Shut-off:
55 - 65 psi shutoff to prevent tire over inflation
* Note that tire profile may affect ability to position breaker blade against sidewall.

Product Specifications
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EEWH302A High Performance Tire Changer Overview
The EEWH302A High Performance Tire Changer features soft handling of all wheels including High Performance and Run Flat styles. To protect Clear Coated Rims, the turntable clamps have protective pads and the mount/de-mount head has protective sleeves. A 41mm diameter vertical mount/de-mount shaft eliminates flex movement when mounting low profile and high speed rated performance tires. Another feature is the rubber side bead breaker pads. What's more, the 0.57" lathed turntable is chromed for easier cleaning. This unit also has clamping capability to handle everything from import compacts to to high performance racing wheels. In addition, four high velocity jets are integrated into the turntable clamps to ensure maximum tire inflation efficiency.
The EEWH302A High Performance Tire Changer works with a wide range of tires such as; high performance, run flat, passenger and light truck tires. The rim clamp is designed to clamp inside-out or outside-in on rims up to and including 20" diameter, from import compacts to high performance racing wheels.
EEWH302A High Performance Tire Changer Features:

  TURNTABLE: Round, .57" thick, chromed lathed surface for easy cleaning.
  RIM CLAMP CYLINDERS: Two 2.95" ID clamping cylinders with internal liner of anodized and polished aluminum alloy. Fitted with hard chrome polished steel rods.
  CLAMP PROTECTION PADS: Integrated scratch resistant pads are built into the turntable clamps preventing bottom side damage to clear coated and painted rims.
  HIGH VELOCITY INFLATION JETS (4): Integrated into the turntable clamps insuring maximum efficiency in inflating any tire, regardless of rim diameter.
  BEAD DEPRESSOR CLAMP: Simply and safely holds High Performance and Run Flat tire beads into the drop center during mounting. No need for plastic clamps or rope tails. (Standard on EEWH302A & 304A).
Bead Breaker
  SIDE BEAD BREAKER: Two-position side bead breaker allows for effective bead breaking of virtually every passenger rim. Simple to install optional bead breaker extension for oversize off-road and utility tires.
  BEAD BREAKER CYLINDER: 9" drive cylinder with rust proof liner. Double acting type (no return spring). External steel cylinder lined with corrosion-proof acetal resin liner with machined aluminum piston fitted with hard chrome polished steel rods.
  BEAD BREAKER ARM/BLADE: Welded frame, powder-coated bead breaker arm with silver zinc-plated blade.
  BEAD BREAKER SUPPORT PAD: Rubber side bead breaker pads for safe and scratch-free bead breaking. One piece, over -sized synthetic rubber shoe.
Safety Restraint Arm (SRA)
  SAFETY RESTRAINT ARM: Restrains the tire and rim assembly during inflation with gravity hold down lock. Helps prevent head and arm injuries from unrestrained tire or rim failures.
  SAFETY INTERLOCK: Ensures that the SRA arm is safely in place holding the rim prior to the inflation process beginning.
  ANTI-ROTATION LOCK: Prevents any sideways movement in tire and rim during inflation even in the unlikely event of a tread area failure.
Mount/Demount Head and Tower
  MOUNT/DEMOUNT HEAD: Precision steel casting head with integrated nylon protector to prevent accidental scratches to light alloy rims.
  MOUNT/DEMOUNT SHAFT: 41mm diameter, vertical hex shaft eliminates flex movement when mounting low profile and high speed rated performance tires. Play correction bolt ensures factory tolerances for years to come.
  TOWER: Certified steel high pressure pipe, 6.26" x 2" thick.
  INFLATION LIMITING DEVICE: Unique pressure limiting device (not a pressure reducer) allows for inflation with full line pressure thereby not reducing inflation time.
  BUILT-IN STORAGE: Three large compartments for tire valve and tire tool storage are ergonomically located at working height to save time and motion.
  AIR SURGE TANK: 4.7 U.S. gallon capacity with reinforced base frame. Located in the Swing Arm Support Tower for reduced floor space and tight to the wall installations.
Base Cabinet
  CABINET : Totally enclosed (with bottom frame) welded steel cabinet, finished with epoxy-polyester powder coating.
  FOOT VALVES: Polymer foot valves eliminate the clogging that occurs with metal valves.
  TRANSMISSION: Heavy-duty oil lubricated gear box with 1.93" (49 mm) drive shaft. Full three-year replacement warranty.
  AIR VALVES: Wide section acetal-resin body. Plastic/glass blend balls charged spools.
  WATER SEPARATOR AND AUTOMATIC AIR OILER: provides continuous lubrication of internal components.
  SAFETY COLORS: All operator contact points are encased in bright safety yellow plastic for added safety in the workplace.
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