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Pass Thru Pro

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J2534 Pass Thru Pro Homepage

> J2534 FAQs
> J2534 Answers
Q: What is J2534?
A: This is actually a specification developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers or SAE. The specification describes the Application Program Interface (API) of a way a Vehicle Communications Device can reprogram a Vehicles’ PCM through a Personal Computer.
Q: What types of PCM's does the Pass Thru Pro Cover?
A: It typically covers ECM/PCM and TCM engine performance and type programming primarily for emissions however some OEM’s offer additional capabilities. Check with the OEM website as there should be information there.
Q: Where can I go for the latest application lists by manufacturer?
Q: How do I navigate through the manufactures web site?
A: This may be different for each manufacturer however you may be able to contact the manufacture through their web site if you need additional assistance.
Q: How do I know that my update is downloaded to my PC?
A: There are two different downloads. 1. The Pass-Thru-Pro software and the vehicle manufacturers. The Pass-Thru-Pro should only been done with first time installation. There is also vehicle manufacture specific software that should acknowledge that the calibration or update has been downloaded.
Q: What are the part numbers for the product & adapters we might need?
A: These should be listed on this website however there may be specific adapters for other manufacturers. Please check the manufacturers’ website for additional adapters.
Q: Who do I contact for Technical Support?
A: The Pass-Thru-Pro phone number is - 800-332-2526 or 800-424-7226. This support number can assist in the installation and troubleshooting of the Pass-Thru-Pro unit only.
Q: Why aren't all manufactures on the list? When will they be there?
A: Not all manufacturers are available at this time but should be coming on line shortly.
Q: Are there any precautions I have to take when programming a vehicle?
A: The internet connection should be stable as some OEM’s require a continuous connection and a high quality battery charger capable of a continuous charge rate such as the Snap-on D-TAC EECS306BPR. Please note that if voltage drops too low, the vehicles ECM may be damaged.
Q: How do I make sure that Pass-Thru-Pro is working correctly?
A: Connect the Pass-Thru-Pro to the computer, connect the OBD cable to an OBD2 capable vehicle and select the “Pass-Thru Checker” from the Sun Pass-Thru-Pro programs. This software will communicate with the Vehicles PCM and confirm the Pass-Thu device is working. The software will list which protocol the PCM is communicating with.
Q: What is the “Pass-Thru USB Flashtool” that came with the installation software?
A: This is a way to update the Pass-Thru tools’ internal memory which done when there are Pass-Thru-Pro driver updates.
Q: What should I do when the Pass-Thru-Pro is not selectable in the OEM tool chooser window?
A: Sometimes there may be a reason to reinstall of the Pass-Thru-Pro driver application(s)
Q: How do I know if the Pass-Thru-Pro has been validated by the OEM?
A: Normally there is a list of validated Pass-Thru manufacturers on the OEM website.
Q: How long does it typically take to complete a download?
A: The Vehicle calibrations download is dependant on the OEM and the system being programmed and may take a few seconds to several hours.
Q: What type of HW and SW need to be in my PC?
A: The OEM will describe this requirement on their web site.
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