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Personality Key Update Guide.
Use the table below to determine which Personality Keys are needed based on the Primary Cartridge being used. The keys listed under each heading are the only keys necessary for that particular Primary Cartridge version. There is no need to order older keys for newer Primary Cartridge versions.
Domestic Primary Cartridge Personality Keys. Click part number link to order key.
 KEY# MT2500-1094 MT2500-1095 MT2500-1096 MT2500-1097 MT2500-1098 MT2500-1099, 1000
 Key 1 MT50780101* MT50780101* Replaced by Key 4
 Key 2 MT50780201* Superseded by Key 2A
 Key 2A MT50780202 MT50780202 MT50780202 MT50780202 MT50780202
 Key 3 MT50780307* MT50780307* MT50780307*
 Key 4 MT50780102*
 Key 7 MT50780701 MT50780701
 Key 8 MT50780801 MT50780801
 Key 9 MT50780901 MT50780901 MT50780901
 Key 12 MT50781201
 Key 13 MT50781301
Import Primary Cartridge Personality Keys. Click part number link to order key.
 KEY#   MT2500-1495 MT2500-1497   MT2500-1400   MT2500-1199,1101 MT2500-1200, 1201  
 Key 2A MT50780202 MT50780202 MT50780202
 Key 5 Superseded by Key 5A
 Key 5A MT50780507 MT50780507 MT50780507
 Key 7 MT50780701 MT50780701 MT50780701
 Key 14 MT50781401
 Key 15 MT50781501
 Key 17 MT2500S17
 Key 20 MT2500S20
 Key 21 MT2500S21
 Key 28   MT2500S28*

* Please call Scanner Technical Support at 1-800-424-7226 for Personality Key availability.


Scanner Technical/Application Information
Phone, North America 1-800-424-7226
Phone, US Only 1-800-332-2526
Service and Repairs 1-800-370-5290

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