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automotive diagnostic scan tool graphing snap-on scanner
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Phone, N. America 1(800)424-7226
Phone, US Only 1(800)332-2526
Service & Repairs 1(800)370-5290
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Super-Deluxe Color Graphing Scanner
The Super-Deluxe Graphing Scanner is the latest member of the MT2500 series Snap-on Scanner product line. All of the powerful diagnostics and troubleshooting features that set the MT2500 Scanner apart as the recognized industry leader are still here.
Now you have the ability to graph live data parameters at the push of a single button. The display can be customized for any combinations of parameters. Mix and Match data parameters with the simple thumb wheel or freeze the frame to capture momentary glitches. Need to view a different parameter? Simply select and view an alternate parameter while holding the snap shot.
The MTG2500 Color Graphing Scanner graphs serial data coming through the ALDL connector. This is processed information from the ECM on the vehicle. A quality graphing multi-meter, such as Vantage is still required to view live values directly from the component. The Snap-on Scanner along with a Vantage Graphing Meter provide the complete diagnostic solution.
Even More Amazing Things Possible With the Industry's Leading Scan Tool!
  • Introducing... A powerful trigger for scan data sceen shot
    Select any parameter, threshold, and value combination that will help diagnose the system and symptom you are facing. Snap-on's latest feature captures data under your conditions.
  • Capture valuable information effortlessly sceen shot
    Leave your Scanner alone while the vehicle runs or go on a test drive, the graph will pause when and where your conditions are met without even touching a button. When your Color Graphing Scanner pauses the graph, you may have just gotten what you're after!
  • Graph your saved movie sceen shot
    Movie data can now be reviewed in text or graphics mode for even more flexibility. Do what you want with your movies in text or graphics mode, or on your PC with Snap-Link!
  • Use your thumbwheel to highlight frames of data sceen shot
    Use the cursor feature when viewing a saved movie to see the actual values where you think there might be a glitch. One more reason your Scanner is a powerful and expandable onboard diagnostic tool.
  • Graph three parameters simultaneously. sceen shot
    Displaying more relationships on the screen at one time provides a better chance to see what is happening. 50% more on-screen information helps solve problems faster!
  • Select two or three graphs sceen shot
    See more detail by choosing two graphs or view more relationships with any three parameters graphed. Customize the display and isolate the failure.
  • See the current values in addition to data range sceen shot
    The graphics mode presents the current value for each parameter when graphing live data or reviewing a captured movie. Snap-on delivers important information in an easy-to-understand format.
  • Choose from four color pallettes sceen shot
    Change between different color combinations or a high contrast option to view your data in even the most difficult lighting conditions. Add more color and personalization in graphics mode!


  Whats Included?
  • Includes MT25001001 Domestic Primary Cartridge. Learn More
  • Includes MT25001099 Domestic Primary Cartridge. Learn More
  • Includes MT25002001 Domestic Troubleshooter. Learn More
  • Comes with Plastic Storage Case, Manuals, Cables, Adapters and Personality Keys.
  Super-Deluxe Color Graphing Scanner Coverage:
  • 1980-1/2 and later GM coverage including Saturn (Engine, Transmission, Airbag, and ABS).
  • 1981 and later Ford Coverage (Engine, Transmission, Airbag, Body, and ABS).
  • 1983 and later Chrysler Coverage (Engine, Body, Transmission, and ABS).
  • 1984 and later Jeep Coverage (Engine, Transmission, Body and ABS).
  • Fast-Track troubleshooter tips for Transmission and ABS covering Domestic and Asian Imports require optional software.
  • Optional Asian Import coverage is also available for the 15 most popular makes.
  • Generic OBD-ll coverage for most Domestic, Asian Import and European through current model year.

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