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 Snap-on Flexible Gas Analyzer

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MODIS Home Page

FGA Models
EEEA300AMO FGA with MODIS Interface:
includes FGA module, MODIS interface software, hoses, probes, power accessories, power supply and cables.
EEEA300APC FGA with PC Interface
includes FGA module, PC interface software, hoses, probes, power accessories, power supply and cables.
EEEA300APD FGA module with PDA
includes FGA module, PDA, hoses, probes, flash card, power accessories, power supply and cables.


FGA Optional Accessories
EAK0213L10A RPM Kit:
includes adapters for connection to spark plug wire, OBD-II port, or RF.


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Snap-on Flexible Gas Analyzer with PDA
Uncompromising quality, combined with a range of performance options, makes the Flexible Gas Analyzer your best choice in a portable emission analyzer. Ideal for on-the-road driveability testing, as well as in-shop diagnostics, FGA shows results on your preferred display device: PDA, desktop PC, laptop or the Snap-on MODIS system.
Snap-on Flexible Gas Analyzer Overview;
Snap-on's Flexible Gas Analyzer is a highly accurate exhaust gas analyzer that measures and compares emission levels against limits specified by governmental bodies. Excessive emission levels point to the need for repairs or adjustments. FGA performs double duty as a diagnostic tool before repairs and as a quality control tool after repairs are completed.
FGA PDA Highlights
  • State-of-the-art PDA does double duty for emission display as well as additional user-specified applications. Advanced Windows CE design.
  • Easy to use menus and buttons - simple touch screen stylus control. Hand-held display allows easy viewing at all angles.
  • Easily expandable - thanks to open architecture design of the PDA software.
  • In addition to the PDA, FGA also works with a laptop, desktop PC, or Snap-on's new MODIS, all it takes are the right interface software and cable available from Snap-on.
  • Trace Style Display  Digital Read Out

Emission readings and much more with powerful software functions.
  • Live readings of HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NO.
  • Meets or exceeds BAR 97 and European OIML Class 0 standards for bench accuracy.
  • Benchmark Lambda, AFR or grams-per-mile readings to help determine combustion efficiency.
  • Catalytic converter test diagnoses an excessive emission failure resulting from a damaged or malfunctioning catalytic converter.
  • Optional oil temperature probe to monitor engine warm-up; essential for accurate emission readings.
  • Optional tachometer to aid in performing emission testing at various engine speeds.
  • Specification database to enable easy comparison of test results to pass/fail limits.
  • Store test and customer data - with formatted shop and vehicle ID - for easy retrieval at any time.
  • Scheduling software tracks daily work schedules, reminders and tasks on the PDA.
  • Versatile emission display options include gas digital, gas graph, custom gas, X/Y plotting and min/max, for easy understanding
Heavy duty sampling system built for continuous use.
  • Compact, yet powerful sampling system built with dual piston sample pump is comparable in quality and performance to those used on much larger console emission analyzers.
  • Extra-large filter and water trap, with automatic water removal.
  • Safety-protected with automatic sample system shutdown in case of excessive water accumulation.
  • Fast one-minute warm-up and fast response time.
  • Virtually maintenance-free with replaceable NO and 02 cells, and simple user, gas-calibration procedure when needed.
  • 25-foot sample hose and durable self-retaining sample probe.
  • Compact shock and scratch resistant case - weighs just 10 pounds with built-in battery.
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