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ShopKey  Automotive Repair Information

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ShopKey Repair Information System Overview:
ShopKey Repair is the premier repair information database on the market today. Built around comprehensive coverage of domestic and import cars and light trucks, ShopKey Repair keeps you up to date with today's ever-changing automotive technology with new coverage and features coming with every quarterly release.
ShopKey Repair speeds automotive diagnosis and repair by giving technicians quick access to data for virtually any passenger car or light truck vehicles on the road. Streamlined navigational tools get you to the exact information fast. At the click of a mouse, ShopKey locates the exact repair procedure, illustration, specification or technical service bulletin that you need to do the job, quickly and accurately.
From scheduled maintenance services to the detailed diagnostic test procedures required to fix today's complex cars and light trucks, ShopKey Repair is the total solution for fast and accurate repairs.
Time-saving Technical Service Bulletins:
The Technical Service Bulletin search tool looks for TSB's by category, symptom or system, leading you to time-saving short cuts provided by vehicle manufacturers.  (See Figures 1 and 2)
Illustrated Procedures:
Each procedure includes step-by-step instructions, complete with hyperlinked illustrations, specification tables, application tables, wiring diagrams and diagnostic flow charts that you simply click on to view.  (See Figures 3, 4, 5, and 7)
Test Routine PDF
ShopKey Links to Your Scanner:
ShopKey has a built in link to your Snap-on Scanner. Selected data can be viewed, charted and stored for future reference.  (See Figure 6)
Standardized Wiring Diagrams:
ShopKey wiring diagrams offer a clear, consistent format, with component and ground locations included for easy reference. Wiring diagrams can be printed out or used on-screen, with the pan window feature for orientation.
 (See Figure 7)
Wiring Diagram PDF
ShopKey Repair Information is Easy to Find:
The ShopKey repair information system allows you to quickly access repair information on Import and Domestic vehicles, according to their make, model and year. See Table below for Details of Coverage.
ShopKey Repair Screen Shots
Click Images for a Larger View
shopkey repair information
shopkey repair information
shopkey repair information
Fig 1. Fig 2. Fig 3.
shopkey repair information
shopkey repair information

shopkey repair information

Fig 4. Fig 5. Fig 6.
shopkey repair information

Test Routine PDF

Wiring Diagram PDF

Vehicle Symptoms PDF

Fig 7.    
ShopKey Repair Coverage
 ShopKey Repair Comprehensive System Coverage:
Air Bags
Air Conditioning & Heating
Drive Axles
Emission Controls
Engine Cooling
Engine Performance
Engine Cooling
Engine Performance
Quick Fixes & Tech Tips
Technical Service Bulletins
Transmission Servicing & Electronic Diagnosis
Wheel Alignment
Wiring Diagrams
 ShopKey Repair Gives You Valuable Data:
Clear, Concise Illustrations & Diagrams
Detailed, Accurate Repair Articles
Model-Specific Maintenance Schedules
1983-2000 Domestic & Import Model Coverage
Time-Saving TSB's, Recalls, & Technical Tips
Electronic Component Locator for All Models
 ShopKey Repair Information System Is a . . .
Customer Satisfaction Tool: Inform your customers by printing out repair procedures and include them with the repair order or invoice.  Print an exploded view; circle the parts you must replace, or, print the symptom checklist to help you sell the needed work.
Productivity Tool: The ShopKey system can help your service writers diagnose and sell exactly what each vehicle needs, by working with; maintenance schedules, TSB's, specifications and recalls.
Technician Tool: Because the ShopKey system is comprehensive and regularly updated, you don't have to worry about incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date manuals.  You can count on the ShopKey system to continually provide the information you need to fix vehicles right, the first time!
Sales Closing Tool: You can use the ShopKey system to explain complex repairs and show your customer exactly what the recommend repairs are on their vehicle.  Computerized data builds the customer's confidence in your diagnosis and helps to convince the customer that the service you recommend is truly required to complete the job.

ShopKey, The Golden Key to Building Your Business.
The ShopKey System is the family of shop software from SUN that you've been waiting for. A single shop management and automotive repair information system built from your point of view that addresses all your shop requirements. Continually evolving software stays current with dynamic automotive technology and most of all, reflects your needs!
One, powerful information system is made up of a series of related software applications that cover each type of information you need: repair, estimating, shop management and specialty modules. Each Module functions as a stand-alone module or works seamlessly together with modules, sharing the same easy-to-use point and click interface. You can easily share information between ShopKey Repair, ShopKey Estimating, and ShopKey Service Writer to create a fully integrated information hub at the center of your shop.
The ShopKey Repair Information System.
The ShopKey System is the key to improving productivity in automotive service. This perfect "how-to" database for technicians and service writers runs directly of the shop floor and covers all areas of domestic and import cars, light trucks and vans. It gives you the automotive repair information to service more vehicles in less time, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profitability.
System Requirements.
ShopKey runs under the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) helps to make ShopKey easy to learn and use. Hardware and Software requirements vary by module. Please contact your Snap-on representative for exact system requirements.

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 Toll Free Hot Line     1-800-944-3877
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