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SUN Machine 450
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The SUN Machine Family:

Each member of the SUN Machine Family is built around a state-of-the art computer platform: a powerful processor backed by a large capacity hard drive and driven by the latest CD-ROM software. With modular design and IBM compatibility, SUN Machines can be upgraded at any time with a range of optional capabilities as service requirements change and grow.
Software Features:

Sun Machine 450 features new 5.0 software, which includes many new operational enhancements, and supports several new optional testing capabilities: pressure probe sets, a catalytic converter test, as well as expanded ShopKey and Snap-on Scanner integration. Further time saving automations have been incorporated to improve and further refine an already state-of-the-art software product.
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Marketing Support Kit
With every SUN Machine comes a complete marketing support kit that helps you build a professional image and market your service work to customers. Waiting room posters, handouts, ad slicks and banners promote the value of diagnosis to customers. The "Personalized Engine Performance Profile" program keeps customers coming back for regular SUN Diagnostic Checks. And the SUN Diagnostic Printout Booklet details how to sell service with the SUN Machine printouts.

Tech Systems
Snap-on Sun Tech Systems
  Snap-on provides equipment and information products through one of the largest dedicated sales forces in the industry. Working in concert with Snap-on Dealers, the Snap-on / Sun Tech Systems group provides a high degree of product knowledge and experience, and are well trained in current vehicle and product applications. They are prepared to provide on-site equipment demonstrations, as well as business consultation.
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SUN Machine 450 Overview:
In its fully loaded version, SUN Machine 450 enhances service by generating vehicle-specific engine diagnostics for thousands of early and late model vehicles. SUN Machine 450 diagnostic software excels at communicating these vehicle-specific results to both technician and customer alike.
SUN Machine 450 cabinet is built tough, made of steel with tubular, welded steel base and test lead boom; drawered cabinet with 5" swiveling casters; sliding keyboard drawer and a solid metal swivel monitor support.
SUN Machine 450 Test Modes

SUN Machine 450 Complete Test
Vehicle Setup Screen: Current vehicle specs with adjustable parameters: timing RPM, base timing, idle RPM, mag timing offset, 2/4 cycle, power balance type.
Visual Inspections: Editable option boxes for components such as engine oil, tires, belts,etc.; color coded entries for good, system failure or repair suggested (per MAP guidelines).
Hookup/Warm-up Screen: RPM and temperature gauges; go/no go color indicators for lead hookups including trigger, battery volts, coil +/-, secondary, timing, amp/clamp, oil temperature, vacuum and exhaust probe; polarity check procedure; full color hookup pictures and engine cylinder/coil configuration figures for distributorless vehicles.
Cranking Test Screen: Countdown timer; measurements include RPM, kV, volts, amps, vacuum, temperature, HC.
High Cruise Test Screen: RPM gauge; measurements include volts, amps, peak amps, ripple, vacuum, temperature, HC, CO, O2 CO2, A/F ratio.
Low Cruise Test Screen: RPM gauge; measurements include volts, amps, peak amps, vacuum, ripple, temperature, HC, CO, O2 CO2, A/F ratio.
Idle Test Screen: RPM gauge; measurements include volts, amps, peak amps, ripple, vacuum, temperature, HC, CO,O2 CO2, A/F ratio.
Base Timing Screen: RPM gauge; measurement of timing and engine temperature.
kV Test Screens: kV measurements per cylinder include kV duration, firing kV, spark kV, kV change and oscillations, including power, added, wasted modes for distributorless ignitions.
Power Balance Screen: RPM gauge. Non-intrusive rapid power balance for distributorless ignitions; shorting power balance for conventional engines.
Review Test: Review of data from the most recent Complete Test in memory; allows individual tests to be rerun without loss of diagnostics.
SUN Machine 450 Complete Test /Post Test Options:
Diagnostics: Diagnostic summary and individual diagnostic messages by starting, charging, ignition, fuel, compression and cooling systems.
Print Test Data Report: Comprehensive summary of Complete Test data, with results displayed between minimum/maximum limits and out-of-spec indicators.
Print Tech Diagnostics: Report with engine system diagnostic summary; diagnostic messages with test/repair recommendations.
Print Customer Diagnostics: Report with engine system diagnostic summary; diagnostic guide to engine systems; diagnostic messages with test/repair explanations, recommendations and after-repair benefits.
Print Inspection Report: Report of good/bad status of items checked on the Complete Test visual inspections screen.
Data Review: Test data screens from the Complete Test available individually after each test. Data Store: tests can be saved to floppy disk or hard drive for retrieval.
SUN Machine 450 Custom Tests:
Individual visual inspections, hookup/warm-up, cranking, low cruise, high cruise, idle, timing, kV and power balance tests from Complete Test sequence components can be selected and performed automatically in any desired order. Diagnostics are available on data collected.
SUN Machine 450 Pinpoint Tests:
Engine Data: Live engine data based on current analyzer hardware configuration.
Emissions Digital: Live HC, CO, CO2, O2, optional NO readings, with RPM and vacuum; AFR or LAMBDA measurement.
Emissions Graphic: 5-minute graph of exhaust gases with digital readings; RPM, AFR or lambda measurements.
Idle Stability: Per cylinder RPM deviation either as a dynamic bar graph or columnar digital display
Dynamic kV: Live firing kV, spark kV, and spark duration readings. Power, added and wasted display modes available for DIS.
Rapid Power Balance/Cylinder Shorting Test: Non-intrusive rapid power balance for distributorless ignitions; cylinder shorting for non-DIS systems.
Multimeter: High impedance measurements of DC volts, ohms, frequency, duty cycle, continuity and optional low amps (+/- 10 amps).
Catalytic Converter Efficiency: Pass/fail determination of converter efficiency.
Trouble Code Read: Displays OBDII trouble codes and descriptions.
SUN Machine 450 Sun Scope:

Ignition Scope: Primary and secondary patterns (dual traces).
Lab Scope: Dual channel (pinpoint 1 & 2).
Single Lead Scope (Direct Systems): Display patterns from any engine with access to primary or secondary signals.
Pattern Viewer: View user-stored patterns.
Alternator Ripple: Display alternator pattern.
High Amps Probe: Display high amps waveform.
Optional Vacuum Probe: Display per cylinder vacuum waveform.
Optional Low Amps Probe: Display low amps waveforms (+/- 10 amps).
Pressure Probes: Displays pressure in pounds per square inch (psi).
Signals: Sec (power, added, wasted for DI); primary; pinpt 1, pinpt 2, aux, vacuum, RPM.
Patterns: parade; parade 5 milliseconds (ms), Cyl, Cyl 5 ms, raster 5 ms.
SUN Machine 450 Scope Scale Ranges:

Primary: 25, 50, 250 & 500 Volts.
Secondary: 10-15-25-50 kV.
Pinpoint: 1, 2, 5,1 0, 25, 50, 100 & 250 Volts.  0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 mS.  1-5-10-20 Seconds.
Vacuum: 5-10-25-50"Hg.
Aux: 1-2-5-10 Volts.
Alternator Ripple: 250 mV, 500 mV, 1 V.
Pressure Probes: 100, 500, 5000 psi.
  Setup Options: grid, gas, dwell, vacuum, vacuum source, frequency, duty cycle.
  SUN Machine 450 Emissions Module:

  Method of Detection: non-dispersive infrared.
  System Response Time: 8 seconds to 90% of full scale for each range.
  Four-gas (HC, CO, O2 CO2) bench with five-gas (Nitric oxide) optional.
  Conforms to BAR 90 accuracy standards.
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