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timinglight with digital tachometer
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Timing Light Product Line Page

Key Specifications
Tachometer Range: 30-9,990 Rpm +/- 2% Accuracy
Digital Advance Range: 0-180° +/- 1° Accuracy
Operating Power Range: 10 to 16VDC

Product Specifications
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Digital Tachometer Advance Timing Light
  • Slim handle design for easy control.
  • Easy-to-see LED array displays engine speed or timing degrees at the touch of a switch.
  • The long leads also minimize the number of wires needed in the engine compartment.
  • Comes with PB103B blow molded black plastic case.
The MT2261AP features a 5-key control panel for:
  • Tach/Advance Selection.
  • Timing light flash button.
  • Zero Reset.
  • Increment Advance.
  • Decrease Advance.
Uses computer technology to present three units in one:
  • Timing light.
  • An advance meter.
  • A built-in digital tachometer.
  Snap-on Timing Lights are loaded with benefits:
  • High-tech internal circuitry-auto-ranging allows the timing light to skip every other flash for a brighter light and longer bulb life.
  • Bright, new, high-intensity xenon flash tube that is visible even in daylight and microprocessor based, digital electronics to back it up.
  • Ergonomic handle design that's a natural for comfortable, positive grip and allows for one-handed operation.
  • Overall swept-back design-for safety and maneuverability, keeps your hands away from moving engine parts, while the narrow front section allows easy access in tight areas.
  • Attractive, high-impact diamond finish casing resists damage from hot engine parts, impacts, and garage fluids, yet wipes clean easily.
  • Heavy-duty lead sets-are built in, yet completely replaceable. They include color-coded power leads with big, easy-to-use clips and an inductive pick-up that senses voltage surges right through the #1 spark plug wire.

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