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Pressure Transducer Kit

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EEPV302AT Pressure Transducer Kit Overview
Give Your Vantage The Capabilities of a Digital Gauge! Pressure transducers for the Vantage open a wide screen of diagnostic power.
The EEPV302AT Pressure Transducer kit provides real-time waveform display or histograph of pressure readings over various time periods in the multimeter mode.*
Sample Applications for the 0-500 PSI Pressure Transducer Kit:
Allows you to record and monitor hydraulic pressure during transmission operation by tapping into the transmission test ports. Record min/max and plot pressure on the histograph to locate shift problems, flares, slippage and other transmission problems associated with hydraulic abnormalities. On both R12 and R134 air conditioning systems you can record high and low side pressure to measure A/C efficiency.
Pressure Transducer Accessories
Pressure Transducer Y-Adapter
  For even more diagnostic power, an optional Y-adapter allows two pressure transducers to be connected to two different pressure or vacuum sources. Combined with the Vantage meter's two-channel capabilities, the pressure transducers and the Y-adapter let you look at and compare two pressure readings, two vacuum readings, or a pressure and a vacuum reading.

Pressure Transducer Extension Cable
  6 foot pressure transducer extension cable, use to extend the reach of your Vantage pressure transducers.



* Requires Version 2.0 or later software.

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