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Supplemental Tools

1/4" Metric

Part No.Description
106TMUSMA Set, Socket, Metric, Universal, Shallow, 6-Point (6 pcs.) (8, 10, 12 to 15 mm)
111STMMDY Set, Socket, Metric, Deep, 12-Point (11 pcs.) (5 to 14 mm)
111TMMDY Set, Socket, Metric, Shallow, 12-Point (11 pcs.) (5 to 14 mm)
111TMUSMA Set, Socket, Metric, Universal, Shallow, 6-Point (11 pcs.) (5.5 to 15 mm)
112RTM Set, Ratchet/Socket, Metric, Low Profile, 12-Point (12 pcs.) (5 to 13mm)
112STMMY Set, Socket, Metric, Deep, 6-Point (12 pcs.)
112TMMY Set, Socket, Metric, Shallow, 6-Point (12 pcs.)
117TMM Set, General Service Starter, Metric, 6-Point (17 pcs.)
124STTMM Set, Socket, Metric, Shallow/Deep, 6-Point (24 pcs.) (4 mm, 5 to 14mm)
STMM10 Socket, Metric, Deep, 10 mm, 6-Point
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