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Supplemental Tools


Part No.Description
10MA File, Bastard Cut, Mill, 10"
112RTSM Set, Ratchet/Socket, Metric, Low Profile, 6-Point (12 pcs.) (5 to 13mm)
2004BSKA Kit, Battery Service, 4 pcs.
2005BSKA Kit, Battery Service, 5 pcs.
2006IT Set, Carburetor Adjustment Tool, 6 pcs.
CD12A Snips, Combination, 12in
CD16A Snips, Bulldog, 16in
CJ2001P Set, Puller, Bolt Grip, 1 1/4" to 3 13/16" (includes plastic case)
CSA12C Carbon Scraper, Rigid, Black, 1" Blade Width, 12 7/8"
CSA8C Carbon Scraper, Rigid, Black, 7/8" Blade Width, 7 5/8"
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