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Supplemental Tools


Part No.Description
196CF Pliers, Needle Nose with Side Cutter, Vinyl Grips, 7 1/8"
29CF Pliers, Terminal Crimping / Cutter, 9 3/8"
46ACP Pliers, Combination Slip-Joint, Industrial Finish, Vinyl Grips, 6 7/16"
47CF Pliers, Combination Slip-Joint, Industrial Finish, Vinyl Grips, 7 1/2"
61ACP Pliers, Duck Bill, Vinyl Grips, 7 3/4"
86CF Cutters, Diagonal, Vinyl Grips, 6 3/8"
87CF Diagnoal Cuttr
911CF Pliers, Needle Nose, Long Handle, Red Grips, 11"
91ACP Pliers, Adjustable Joint, Interlocking Channel, Industrial Finish, 9 1/4"
95CF Pliers, Needle Nose, Vinyl Grips, 6"
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